About us

Distribution Department of Salvavet Special Veterinary Services SRL company was founded in 1997, at that time being among the top distributors on the market dedicated to trade with animal pills and feed in Romania. During the years that have passed, the company grew along with other veterinary business, continually improving and distinguishing by reliability and professionalism. Currently Salvavet sales representatives reach all areas of Romania, for most of our clients being more than just several people providing them products.

The partnership with some customers lasting since the beginning of business in this area has proven that Salvavet is a reliable supplier, stable and yet adaptable to conditions often not very friendly we have been through together.

In present, Salvavet has a structure based on one main warehouse located in Buchares, that provides products to customers in Wallachia, Moldova, Dobrogea and Oltenia, Transylvania and Banat. Delivery fleet consists of 12 cargo trucks generally arriving at the clients’ locations in 24 -48 hours after the order receipt, and one of our focus is that such operations should take place always regularly and rhythmically.

The products distributed by us are mostly top products, world-famous brands that are provided to us directly from external producers, but we are also partners with the majority of domestic suppliers on the market. By visiting the site, you can find out more information about our products and about our sales team.